Premium subscription for free

You can get 1 month or 1 year of premium subscription (up to 1000 cards in the dictionary) for telling the world about our application.

You are able to participate only once, and only if you have not had the premium subscription before.

To get 1 month of premium subscription, share information about our application through one of the social media presented below (your page has to be open, the post has to be public).

To get 1 year of premium subscription, make a review of our application on your blog (in text or video format).

Requirements for a text blog:

Requirements for a video blog:

The posted post/tweet/review must be present on your page or blog for the entire duration of the bonus subscription (if it is found that the content is deleted some time after it was posted, the bonus subscription can be terminated immediately).

Once it's done, contact us and provide the following information:

After verifying that all conditions have been met, you will be provided with a bonus subscription.