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Enhance your efficiency of memorizing foreign words

Your own dictionary

Stop trying to memorize everything. Learn only what is necessary.

Play-based practice

No more cramming. Use specially designed game exercises to better memorize new words and expressions.

Doesn't take much time

A full daily training cycle only takes about 15-30 minutes a day.


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Create a dictionary

Select the language you study, select your mother language and press the big blue button - as simple as that.


Start practicing

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You are going to love it!

Multiple languages support

1 368 languages and dialects in total (and the most widely spoken of them are provided with a word pronunciation feature).

Whatever language you study, it's most likely supported by our application.


Unique training algorithm

The training process is designed in such a way that there is no need to think about which words and when to repeat - the system itself will offer you words for repetition and let you know when the word is "learned".

All you have to do is to regularly fill you dictionary up with new words and devote 15-30 minutes a day to the training.


Bilingual and monolingual dictionaries

Whether you prefer to learn words through their definitions in the target language or through translations into your native one, you can create both types of dictionaries.

Bilingual dictionary is more suitable for beginners, whereas advanced learners may prefer to use a monolingual (explanatory) one.


Designed for active learners

As an active learner, you will never have the question "where do I get the words to learn?". You simply record any unfamiliar words that you come across in your already existing language learning activities.

It basically means that every time you open a dictionary to translate something, you create a new language card in your Personal Dictionary app. After a while, your dictionary will be full of new cards, and all these words will be 100% relevant to you.


Easy cards sharing

Cards sharing feature allows you to share your languge cards with other people. Just create a public link to a card set or even a single card and send it to your friend. This person will be able to add these cards to their own dictionary and start learning them. It's as easy as that!

This especially speeds up and facilitates the interaction between language teachers and their students when it is necessary to study some vocabulary on a certain topic.


Langavia Community

Do you think you have created a really interesting card set? Do you want to share it with the whole world and help other people who are studying the same language as you are? You can easily do this via our language community, which gives every Langavia user access to a library of other users' card sets that have been shared with Community.

Of course, you also can add and learn other users' card sets if you'll find them interesting and useful for you growth. That will be a good addition to those words and phrases that you personally add to your dictionary.


Inevitable progress

The need to fill your dictionary up with new words will make it necessary to devote time to various kinds of language activities, where you may encounter many unfamiliar words (such as reading books and watching movies in the target language), thanks to which, in turn, you will progress even faster!

Become a hunter for new words, get them from wherever possible!
If you have never done this before, then just start it, and after a while, you will realize that this is the best way to expand your vocabulary.


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